What is CSGSi Sales Intelligence

CSG Sales Intelligence (CSGSi) is an Ai Driven Business Intelligence and Revenue Generation Solution for large enterprise companies. Our solution is a blend of decades of experience addressing our client's business needs through outsourced sales and marketing teams blended with todays very latest Artificial Intelligence Solutions.

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How CSGSi supports Marketing Organizations

By providing a full 360-degree view of your customer, achieve stronger ROI by communicating to your customers in a relevant, personalized fashion.

This covers: Voice of Customer Insights & Sentiment, Competitor Insights, Trending Keywords, and Conversion Insights.

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How CSGSi supports Sales Organizations

We understand the complex relationship between Sales and Marketing.

Our CSGSi solution is developed to help bridge that gap and provide both organizations maximum value. Our experience has shown Sales organizations require fully developed Sales Insights when receiving leads. CSGSi produces leads with the intelligence required for sellers to act quickly and intelligently to maximize the value of their leads and increase conversion to opportunities. CSGSi produces recordings with prospect Sentiment, fully transcribed conversations and Ai driven Key insights into the buyer accessible from any web interface.

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How CSGSi supports SDR Velocity

Sales teams in organizations must focus on high-velocity selling.

To overcome this challenge, the CSGSi provides a tailored experience for our SDR teams by minimizing the time they spend on their search for the best next customer to reach out to. The CSGSi App gathers information from multiple sources and lets sellers focus on how to best approach their customers. It helps sellers to sell smartly, by building a strong and prioritized Ai driven pipeline, offering context, and surfacing automated recommendations throughout a sales sequence that helps to speed the sales process.

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About CSGSi

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How to engage with CSGSi Sales Intelligence

Our CSGSi Solution provides programs for both Marketing Intelligence initiatives and Sales and Marketing Revenue Generation programs.

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